What is a Law Guardian?

In visitation and custody disputes, a Law Guardian, sometimes called an attorney for the child, is often appointed by the court to serve as an advocate for the child or children involved. A Law Guardian’s responsibility is to represent your child’s wishes and best interests. Custody and visitation cases are determined by what’s best for the kids, but they don’t often show up in court, which means that they don’t get their say. A Law Guardian is appointed to give the judge a complete understanding of your child’s point of view.

How to deal with your child’s Law Guardian. 

If your child is appointed a Law Guardian, you are most likely going to have to work with them. Before you do, you need to understand that they are acting in the best interests of your child, not the court, your ex or even you. The Law Guardian will have private conversations with your child about what they want, but you should never ask the Law Guardian what was discussed or try to sway your child to say certain things to their Law Guardian. If you feel that the Law Guardian is picking sides or unfairly leaning one way, you can always express your concerns with your child custody lawyer in Hauppauge. The best way to deal with a Law Guardian is to be honest, cooperative and credible. If you can provide your child with a safe, loving environment, the Law Guardian will see that.

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