Understanding child custody laws in New York is a must. 

Regardless of whether you are already involved in a child custody dispute or you think you may be in one in the future, understanding the basics of child custody can only help. In the state of New York, the court determines custody based on what is best for the child, and unfortunately, child custody can be incredibly complicated. The good news is that our child custody lawyer in Hauppauge is here to help. The first thing that you need to know about child custody is that there are many different types of custody.

Which type of child custody is right for you?

  • Physical Custody – Physical custody is also called residential custody, and it basically just describes where the child lives.
  • Legal Custody – When most people think of child custody, they think of legal custody. Legal custody means that the parent who has it has the authority to make important decisions, such as educational and medical decisions.
  • Joint Custody – Joint custody means that legal custody of the child is shared between both parents. Although both parents have legal custody, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they both get an equal amount of time with the child.
  • Temporary Custody – Temporary custody is awarded when a custody case is filed in New York. Once the case has been closed, the temporary custody order will be replaced by the new order.

The type of child custody available to you is just one of the basics that you need to understand about child custody. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more.