Ideally, child support is supposed to cover the child’s basic needs. 

Child support is based on a the noncustodial parent’s income, and it is designed to allow the child to live as comfortably as they would have if their parents had stayed together. Technically, child support is supposed to cover a child’s basic needs, including clothing, food and housing, however, the true cost of raising a child is more involved than simply covering their basic needs. Other expenses, like after-school activities, toys, auto insurance, gas, etc., are also necessary for raising a child. Since the majority of child support payments cover the basic expenses of raising a child, there is usually money left over that can be spent on the extras.

What can you do if you suspect that your child support money is being used for other things?

Custodial parents aren’t required to account for every penny of child support that they spend, so there is always a possibility that a portion of the child support is being spent on the personal needs of the parent, rather than the child. If you suspect that this is happening in your case, you could try notifying the court. However, unless your child’s needs are being neglected or ignored, know that you may not get much of a response regarding your concerns. For some cases like these, the judge may order mediation, but don’t expect much more of a response.

Although our blog contains general information, the law can be complicated, and certain circumstances can make it even more complicated. To get specific answers about your situation, please contact our child support attorney in Hauppauge today.