It’s always good to strive for an amicable divorce, but it’s easier said than done. 

Happy couples don’t normally get divorced, and when there is a conflict, it can be difficult to settle your divorce amicably. However, an amicable divorce is the best possible option for your kids, your finances and your time. But how do you divorce amicably? Check out our Hauppauge family law attorney’s latest blog to learn about a few tips for an amicable divorce. Today, we will be finishing up our blog series with these last few tips for an amicable divorce:

#4. Keep new significant others out of it.

If either you or your ex has a new significant other, they should not be involved in your divorce in any way. Their presence will only make the entire thing more difficult and emotionally trying. Regardless of whether that person will be around in the future or not, they have no place in your divorce.

#5. Take advantage of meditation at the beginning of the process. 

Most couples have to go to mediation at some point during their divorce, so you may as well get it done early on in the proceedings. Mediation is actually very successful for many couples, and if you can settle in mediation, you can avoid high costs and lots of stress down the road.

#6. Focus on starting a new life rather than holding onto your old one. 

When it comes to dividing your assets, try to focus on the life you’ll be starting in the future. This will make it easier to say goodbye to old possessions and belongings, which will also help you to divide your assets with less conflict.