There are many things that you should know about child custody in New York. 

Are you getting ready to go through a child custody battle? If so, understanding the basics of child custody in New York can only help. That’s why, in our last blog, our family law attorney in Hauppauge talked about how child custody is determined.¬†Even if you are not awarded custody of your child, the courts still see the importance of having a relationship with your child. That is why, in most cases, the judge will grant the noncustodial parent visitation rights.

There is more than one type of child visitation.

Just as there are many kinds of child custody agreements, there are also different kinds of exchanges and visitations. Each type of visitation comes with its own rules. The following is a list of the different kinds of visitations in New York:

  • Unsupervised Visits – The parent is able to visit his or her child without supervision from a third party.
  • Supervised Visits – The court will appoint someone to supervise the visits with the child.
  • Neutral Place of Exchange – In these visits, the child is exchanged at a neutral location, such as a school or a police station.
  • Therapeutic Supervised Visits – These are a lot like supervised visits, except that the visits are supervised by a mental health professional.
  • Monitored Transition – In these visits, a third party is present when the child is exchanged.

Although we’ve touched on the basics of child custody, it’s a complicated issue, so feel free to contact our family law attorney if you have any questions or concerns.