scales-of-justiceWe are aware that any family law dispute, whether divorce or separation, conflict related to custody, child support, domestic violence or neglect, all can cause stress and anxiety. While experiencing these conflicts, it is often difficult to keep feelings in perspective, especially when day-to-day issues interfere with a final resolution. Ensuring that your Perspective provides you the best outcome, is the an important aspect of our practice and our family law attorney in Hauppauge, Catherine E. Miller, is committed to supporting you. Catherine recognizes that what you think you want today (full custody, the house, the car, etc.), may not be what the best outcome could be several years from now. As a child custody lawyer, it is my job to consider your well-being in its entirety and your future, which includes your financial well-being and relationship with your children.

Often a client wants to settle quickly and avoid excessive legal fees, which is a smart decision, and that is always our first goal. Frequently, however, the other side does not agree with the proposal for a speedy resolution and litigation may become necessary. It is important to know you have a divorce attorney who will fully support you and is capable of handling settlement negotiations and/or litigation to help you reach your goals.

Initial Consultation

The initial consultation is with our compliments, and we set aside a full 60 minutes for this first meeting. If you are considering a divorce or separation, we will ask you about your family, work history, assets and debts. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with an education so that you understand the process of how your particular issues will get resolved, as well as what we perceive a Court will decide in your particular case. The circumstances will be assessed, so we can choose the very best strategy to suit your needs. Our commitment to listen with compassion and apply our deep knowledge of the law and court procedures allows for the best outcome.